Project Puffin in Maine reintroduced Atlantic puffins to historic breeding areas, in some cases using decoys. See live cams of the interior of puffin burrows:

A citizen science project called COASST monitors beached birds in Washington State. Find out more here> about how you can monitor a beach in Washington, Oregon or California.  Producer Rachel Price is a volunteer. Read a short piece on her experiences monitoring Brackett’s Landing in Edmonds, WA coming soon.

Novelist T.C. Boyle wrote a book that featured them, as it relates to efforts to eradicate introduced species (rats that feed on seabird young).

Maria Mudd Ruth has written a book about marbled murrelets, which are very unusual alcids. They nest miles from the sea, in old growth forest trees (the only seabird to do so), and so must make long trips to and from the sea to feed themselves and their young. Their nesting habits were so mysterious they were in fact the last remaining birds (of any kind) in North America whose nesting habits were understood, in 1974.